Eugenia Tapia Singer/guitarist /composer


Eugenia was born in Rüdersdorf,Germany daughter of Chilean folklorists who inspires and form his sense of Music

But she grow up in several regions

In Santiago-Chile she graduated in popular singing in the U SCD (Uarsis) and in Spain she studied guitar and jazz singing at the popular conservatory of Badalona.


In Chile she was part of the bands:

Gondwana, Mammasoul, Azulados, AdondeBand, Kenya & la Kayana , among others.

Whit whom she recorded:

AdondeBand: CD Desatados-Alerce( 1994) “Busco” and “Sacude mi cuerpo”

Soundtrack of Shortmovie -Una Fabula Soul (Es mi vida / I feel Good)

Los Tetas: Backgrounds of the CD “La medicina” ,“ papi donde esta el funk”(1997)

Gondwana: Backgrounds of the CD “Gondwana” (1998)

Weichafe: guest in the theme “Años de asalto” in the CD “Harto de todo" (2006)

Heart tones-Lullabies from around the World :Tu mi Mariposa /Berlin 2011 (Pv Rothkirch /ETapia)

Daimons -Berliner Portraits -Backgrounds (2012)

Rahra Avis- Inner Race -(2014)

Checkpoint Guanabana :Colombian meets Berlin Background and Leadsinger:

Salta Salta / A CELEBRAR / Break and Beat /Agua (2015)


She received the following acknowledgements:


She won the Crush festival -Santiago Final (1993)

She won the folk festival of la Pampilla with the song Pehuenches (Agustin Moncada-KAL) 1998

In the year 2000 she migrated to Barcelona, where she took part of the music- scene.

She also created the Alborada Jazz Trío and the brazilian music/boleros duet Quena&Danilo.

She founded and integrated the original music band Rahra Avis with Andrés Santana in the year 2008.

In the year 2011 she returned to Berlin with this project, which remains active untill this date.

In parallel she has worked with the band Quena y los del sur: interpretation of the chilean and latin american folkmusic .

Andrés Santana

Guitarist / composer / arranger / producer

Santiago de Chile

He joined several bands including:

In aggression,La pozze latina, Borde,

Stultiferae Navis/Sonora Navis/Nave in Chile.

In the year 2001 he migrated to Barcelona, where he worked with musicians from around the world, forming part of several bands:TRO,

Matadero de emociones, Carácter.

He created his individual project called Electromagnetosónico and performed the EP "HELLO!" (2009).


In 2008 he joined Eugenia Tapia to create "Rahra Avis" and recorded the EP "Rahra Avis in terra"

With this project he migrated to Berlin at the end of year 2010, where he continues his musical creation.


Today he is living in Guadalajara México, working music as Electromagnetosonico (EMS), and preparing and arranging the next Rahra Avis´s album.




Rahra Avis Technical information


Eugenia Tapia (Berlin-Rüdersdorf,Germany): voices, keyboards and composition.

Andrés Santana (Santiago, Chile): composition, guitars, and production.


Battles, Blonde Redheads, Giorgio Moroder, Ennio Morricone, Satie, Muse, Phil Manzanera, Etta Jones, Sade, Bowie, Bjork, Portishead, Zappa, Eno, Bowie, ojos de brujo and a big etc.

Shows in Berlin (2011-2016):

Tacheles (Golden Hall), Chester, ZMF, Acud, Joe’s Bar, YAAM, Planet der affen,FreudeZimmer, Koffer, Fabisch- Circus Hotel, Branderburger Tor, Madame Claude, Open Stage Berlin, Music Tech Festival, Art Stalker, Fieber Fest, Fête de la Musique, Ciclope Fest, , and in the streaming Bogotrax.

Show in Santiago de Chile (2017)

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